Cancellation and Returns

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:

At the request of the Customer:

Tixilo believes in helping its customers as far as possible and thus has a liberal cancellation policy.

If you wish to cancel your booking request that you have placed on for reasons well known to you, but which concerns us too, please do so within 5 minutes from the time of placing your booking request in order to intimate the car/cab/taxi to start its journey that you have booked.

Tixilo also extends you the opportunity to cancel the booking request that you have made even after the service starts from our side. Please go through the following situations / occasions where your cancellation request will be accepted even after disbursement of service:

*      Force Majure Conditions or in other words situations where we cannot have control over the natural power of god.

*      Where our esteemed customers are not in a situation to honour the booking request due to reasons such as: accident; sudden death and many more as may be justified by you at the time of cancellation request.

From www.tixilo.comend:

Cancellation of booking request is also to be exercised by tixilofor maintaining the quality control and promise it advances to its customers. Following are the trigger points where tixilowill exercise automatic cancellation of booking request placed:

*      Where tixilo finds that the car/cab/taxi provider have been misled by you on a false address by posting wrong and misleading place of pick up and the same is not as per navigation map, then tixilo reserves the right to cancel the order and intimate you regarding such cancellation for the purpose of maintaining good quality control and healthy customer relationship.

*      Where at the time you place your booking request there occurs an availability problem due to some technical reasons, for which tixilo reserves the right to cancel the booking request by informing you about the same through SMS or email.

For all the above mentioned grounds www.tixilo.comshould be held responsible for such cancellations and tixilo undertakes to return or refund the money, if already paid for availing the service as per applicable policies mentioned in our website, mobile site and mobile application under separate heads.

Refund Policy:

Refund will only be made through wire transaction by crediting the users/customers account. In case of cash on fulfilment of service refund, the same mode will be followed.

Please be informed that the refund policy of tixilo will follow minimum 72 hours and a maximum of 10 working days mechanism for refunding or adjusting your amount already paid or payable from the date of cancelling the booking request.

Grounds for seeking a refund:

*      Where the services are not of the expected quality as represented on our website, mobile site and mobile application.

*      Where there is a service difference i.e. difference between what you actually booked and what is delivered to you.

*      Where there is a delay in delivery of service that you booked after the expiry of maximum time of delivery as will be reflected in the users/customers mobile at the time of confirming the booking request.

How do you get your Refund?

Kindly take a look at the following to know about receiving your refunds:

  1. You will receive a refund anytime between 72 hours or maximum 10 working days.
  2. The refunds generally are done earlier than the mentioned time.
  3.  The refunds are always dependent upon banks, payment gateways, etc.