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Taxi Service in Delhi

Taxi Service in Delhi

 Delhi is the heart of India. It is a city, which despite of being in the face of so many political upheavals for centuries, is still one of the most flourishing metropolis of India. The city has been one of the oldest inhabited parts of India. It has been settled, captured, conquered, looted, rebuilt and resurrected numerous times in the history.  Today, the historical monuments scattered around the city speaks of the various cultures and traditions that prevailed here, throughout the time. The civilization here has prospered, trade has bloomed, arts and crafts have thrived and traditions and cultures have amalgamated with each other beautifully. For one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in the world, and constant influx of immigrants, travelling is a challenge.

 At, we take this challenge as our own and strive to provide the best car rental Delhi services, to make travelling convenient and enjoyable. We are one of the largest car rental services in Delhi. We have a large fleet of well maintained cars, to offer you a range of services from flexible day to day commute or luxury travels. We take great pride in providing the best services at the most competitive rates. Our staffs are well trained to handle your queries and our professional chauffeurs are skilled and responsible.

 Why Choose Tixilo Car Rental Services in Delhi?

 At, we strive to provide the highest quality car rental Delhi services. Here is why you should hire us for the car rental Delhi, for your daily commute. 


With well maintained and fully equipped cars we serve you better.

The large taxi fleet for your freedom to choose your own ride. No waiting time is an additional benefit.

Our services are tailored to suit your needs.

Your safety is our main focus.

We have the most competitive rates.

Our huge car rental partner network is to serve you.

We would love to get a call from your anytime 24/7.

Our easy online taxi booking portal is for your convenience.

Flexible payment modes let you choose your own favorite payment mode every time.